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Viral29 enero 2024 19:03

Frank Cuesta survives shocking deer attack at his wildlife sanctuary

Frank Cuesta, wildlife defender, suffers a shocking deer attack in his sanctuary in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand-Frank Cuesta, a well-known wildlife advocate and content creator, has experienced moments of terror when he was brutally attacked by a deer in his sanctuary, located several kilometers from Bangkok. Despite the severity of the incident, Cuesta shared details of his experience, highlighting the unpredictable nature of life in the jungle.

The former tennis player said that the deer, called Perrito, charged him and caused deep wounds on his body. "I made the mistake of leaving through an area where he had no way out. I'm beaten, I'm scared, because it's a life or death situation," Cuesta described, visibly affected, with his shirt torn and blood on his body. he.

Cuesta, 52, did not hesitate to share the shocking video of the attack on his YouTube channel, anticipating that it will become one of the most notable clips of the year. In the images, the deer can be seen lifting Frank off the ground and attacking him with his antlers. The incident has generated a lot of attention, with 50,000 views in just two hours.

Despite the fear he experienced, Cuesta took the opportunity to reflect on nature and coexistence with wild animals. "Sometimes nature is like that: it's hard. I'm lucky that I'm a strong guy, Puppy weighs more than 200 kilos and is an animal with antlers that can kill you," he said.

The wildlife advocate highlighted the importance of understanding the natural reactions of animals and the need for caution. During the attack, Frank had to remove an antler from his ribs, evidencing the dangerousness of the situation. However, he stressed that these incidents are inherent to his work preserving and caring for animals at his sanctuary.

This is not the first time that Frank Cuesta faces danger in the jungle. In 2000, he was in a coma for four days after being bitten by several pythons and a King Cobra. Despite adversity, his dedication and passion for wildlife has not been diminished, and he continues his work at the sanctuary.