Web Accessibility Statement

Our commitment and approach to maintaining an accessible website

Actualidad Viral is 100% committed to:

Our current accessibility features include:

    1. Title tags and meta descriptions to provide information about the topic of the page.
    2. Alternate text: an attribute added to an image to describe it.
    3. Style sheets and JavaScript to improve functionality and appearance.
    4. Structural markups that allow the correct display of all content.
    5. The interrelation between forms and labels.
    6. Interconnection of data cells within data tables, along with their headers.

More accessibility efforts are currently underway. Every time we improve our website, we'll update the changes here within our accessibility statement. That way you'll know what progress we're making.

How to provide feedback on the accessibility of this website

We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the Actualidad Viral website.