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42-year-old woman is murdered by her partner

A case of femicide shakes Brazil, where a woman was murdered by her partner in the presence of her one-year-old daughter

Tragedy hits Itapoã, in Brazil, with the news of the murder of Simone Santos Ribeiro, 42, at the hands of her partner, Maiqui Pedro dos Santos, in the presence of her one-year-old daughter.

According to police reports, the event took place on Monday night (May 13), when Maiqui, consumed by jealousy and possessive attitudes, stabbed Simone in Block 378 of Itapoã. After committing the femicide, Maiqui fled the scene with the couple's baby.

The quick action of the authorities led to the arrest of Maiqui Pedro dos Santos, 33, the next day (May 14) near Café Sem Troco, in the direction of Minas Gerais. The deputy chief of the 6th Police Station (Paranoá), Íris Helena Rosa, reported that the suspect confessed to the murder to his family before trying to escape.

Neighbors have revealed a conflictive relationship between Simone and Maiqui, marked by frequent fights and the uncontrolled behavior of the aggressor. Witnesses have also indicated that Maiqui used drugs and appeared upset in the last days before the femicide.

Preliminary data suggest that the attack was premeditated, since Maiqui entered Simone's house through a window, breaking a glass to access the property.

Additionally, Maiqui has been found to have a criminal record for domestic violence against another woman in 2021, as well as drunk driving in 2020.

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