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Jealous woman dies after confrontation with another woman

An argument in a bar ends in tragedy when a woman dies from stab wounds

A night of drinking that should have been a celebration for Mother's Day turned into a tragedy in a bar in Jaraguá, north of São Paulo, Brazil, when a jealous woman lost her life after a confrontation with another woman.

María Santos Rocha, 57, ex-wife of the owner of the establishment, found her ex-husband talking to Gabrielle at the bar counter on the night of May 12, Mother's Day. Gabrielle's presence unleashed Maria's fury, who started a fight with her.

The situation quickly worsened and, in the midst of the chaos, Maria was injured with a sharp object. Despite her efforts to save her life, the wound was fatal and the woman died at the scene.

Gabrielle, the other woman involved in the altercation, claimed to have acted in self-defense, stating that she felt in imminent danger of death.

The Jaraguá Civil Police has launched an investigation to further clarify the exact circumstances of the crime.

Surveillance footage from the bar will be examined as crucial evidence to determine whether Gabrielle's action was justified as self-defense or whether it is a case of homicide.

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