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Billiard guard dies in gunshot attack

A pool hall guard in Soledad, Colombia, is killed in a shooting while working. Two people were injured in the incident

In a tragic event that occurred in Soledad, Colombia, a security guard identified as Anthony Junior Rivera Sandoval, 20 years old, lost his life in a gunshot attack in front of the pool hall where he worked. Two more people were injured in the event.

The unfortunate event took place on the night of Saturday, May 4, specifically on 63rd Street and 14C Street in the Los Rosales neighborhood, in the business known as Portal Rumbero. According to testimonies collected, Rivera Sandoval was at the door of the establishment talking with two people when an individual approached and shot him at point-blank range.

The shocking images captured by a security camera show the exact moment in which the aggressor, dressed in a red T-shirt and cap, approaches Rivera Sandoval and shoots him without saying a word. Two shots hit the victim in the head, while another hit his left shoulder.

In addition to the deceased security guard, two more people were injured in the shooting. Willy José Lozada Ortega, 39, and Danilo José Quintero Silva, 21, suffered injuries during the attack. Quintero Silva was shot in the right leg while trying to take cover on the ground.

The injured were taken to the Agrupasalud Clinic in Soledad, while the guard was taken to the Juan Domínguez Romero Hospital, where unfortunately his death was confirmed.

The judicial authorities, led by the CTI of the Prosecutor's Office, are carrying out an exhaustive investigation to clarify the event.

One of the hypotheses being used suggests that the attack could be related to a previous conflict between the victim and a customer of the establishment over the payment of a bill.

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