Judicial08 abril 2024 16:33

A criminal killed a man just to steal his gold chain

Authorities are using security camera footage to identify and capture the culprit

In a senseless act of violence, a criminal ended the life of Juan Carlos Coronado on Sunday afternoon, all to snatch his gold chain. The crime was captured by two security cameras, which has allowed authorities to begin the search for the culprit.

The events occurred in the middle of a public street on Calle 45 with Carrera 41F, in the El Parque urbanization, municipality of Soledad, Colombia. In the heartbreaking images, Juan Carlos is seen talking to an acquaintance when an antisocial man quickly approaches, pulls out a firearm and threatens him to take away the gold chain he was wearing.

Despite the victim's attempts to resist, the criminal shot him, mortally wounding him, and took the chain before fleeing the scene.

Despite efforts to save him, Juan Carlos was transferred to a care center where unfortunately his death was confirmed.

With the evidence provided by security cameras, authorities are working hard to locate and capture the criminal. It is known that he escaped on a motorcycle, driven by an accomplice, so a search operation is being deployed in the area.