Judicial18 mayo 2024 21:14

Patrolman murdered by hitmen: They investigate his resume and luxuries

Authorities are investigating his past and assets while offering a reward for information about those responsible

In a tragic event that occurred in Barranquilla, Colombia, Metropolitan Police patrolman Jaider Gregorio Amador Quessep, 32, was murdered by hitmen while visiting his family in the San Luis neighborhood. The event, which took place on the morning of Friday, May 17, where the uniformed officer was visiting his mother, who had her birthday.

The patrol car was approached by a gunman. According to security camera recordings, Amador Quessep had arrived in a late-model Mazda CX30 truck, when he was surprised by the hitman, who shot him in the back.

The patrolman tried to get to safety by hiding behind another vehicle, but the attacker followed him and shot him in the head, leaving him seriously injured.

The uniformed man was helped by his loved ones and was taken to a care center in the Santa María neighborhood, where he was later ordered to be transferred to the Clínica de la Costa. Amador Quessep spent a couple of hours in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but the doctors on duty confirmed his death.

Initial investigations focus on the personal and professional life of Amador Quessep. As it has been revealed, the patrolman had been part of the Anti-Narcotics Unit of the National Police but was separated and transferred to the Caribbean in 2020. It appears that his superiors did not trust his work.

Internal Police sources have suggested that Amador Quessep could have been linked to criminal actors in the metropolitan area of Barranquilla, a line of investigation that has gained strength due to his lifestyle, vehicles, parties, housing and the luxuries he boasted. unusual for the current rank that the patrolman held.

General William René Salamanca, director of the National Police, also announced from Cartagena an increase in the reward for information leading to the capture of those responsible, raising it to 50 million pesos ($13,000 USD approximately).