Judicial05 febrero 2024 14:12

Talented and disciplined young woman dies in traffic accident

The accident in Tubará, Atlántico, claimed the life of Nora Ballestas Cuesta. The event left 50 injured

Tubará, Atlántico - The accident that occurred in the town of Tubará, Atlántico, left Nora Ballestas Cuesta as the only fatal victim, a talented 14-year-old dancer and cane player, member of the Comparsa Nueva Revelación of Cartagena. The event, which left 50 people injured, has shocked the local community.

The Secretary of Health of Atlántico, Luis Carlos Fajardo, reported that the injured are being treated in several clinics in Barranquilla, and a 14-year-old minor is in the ICU of the Porto Azul Clinic due to severe head trauma.

Nora Ballestas Cuesta, who would turn 15 on March 14, was a tenth grade student at the Clemente Manuel Zabala School in the Flor del Campo neighborhood. A disciplined young woman, Nora was the eldest of three brothers and the only woman in her family, made up of Rosa Cuesta and Esneider Ballestas Roa.

She was a resident of the Flor del Campo neighborhood, Nora was accompanied by two of her colleagues, Mary Isabel Yolis and John Andrés, both from the same neighborhood, at her presentation in Malambo. Unfortunately, both were injured in the accident.

The bus, which was returning from a successful presentation at the Malambo Carnival, suffered a spectacular overturn, apparently due to mechanical problems on the road to the sea, near Tubará. Nora Ballestas Cuesta was trapped under the vehicle and, despite her efforts to save her, she arrived at the ESE Hospital in Tubará without vital signs.

The Regulatory Center for Urgencies and Emergencies (CRUED) of the Atlantic Health Secretariat reported that the injured were referred to various clinics, including the Porto Azul Clinic, San Vicente Clinic, Campbell Clinic and Fracture Clinic.