John A. SalasPor: John A. Salas
Health01 junio 2023 22:21

Rat plague in Bogotá: a growing concern for public health

These rodents can transmit diseases and parasites, such as leptospirosis or hantavirus

The councilor and candidate for mayor of Bogotá, Lucía Bastidas, has denounced the alarming presence of a plague of rats in various sectors of the city, turning the sanitation problem into a public health issue. According to the councilor, this situation puts the health of the community at risk and requires immediate action.

The lack of adequate garbage disposal has generated critical points in the city, which went from 549 to 755 today. Bastidas points out three main factors that have exacerbated the problem: non-compliance and lack of rigor on the part of the cleaning operators, the lack of civic culture and the incorrect disposal of waste by some citizens.

The presence of rats in these critical points represents a significant risk, since these rodents can transmit diseases and parasites, such as leptospirosis or hantavirus, through their urine, feces or contaminated excretions.

The councilor has identified some areas of particular concern, including Caracas Avenue with 72nd Street, the El Tintal neighborhood and 18th Street with Carrera 39. In addition, she has pointed out other areas of the city where there has been a notable presence of rats, including Boyacá avenue with 26th street, Carrera 81J avenue with 57 south and several other places.

Bastidas has requested the Secretary of Health to carry out fumigations in these critical points, but she has been met with the answer that they cannot intervene on private land. However, the councilor emphasizes that mice do not distinguish between public and private land, and that it is necessary to address this problem in a comprehensive manner to safeguard the health of citizens.

Local authorities must take urgent measures to control this plague of rats, including public awareness campaigns on the correct disposal of garbage and the need to maintain adequate hygiene. Likewise, it is essential to establish stricter control mechanisms by cleaning operators and guarantee an effective response to address this worrying situation in Bogotá.