Politics22 octubre 2023 15:19

Accident claims the life of the candidate for the Cúcuta council, Paola Soto

Before the crash, the car managed to get off the side enough to save the driver's life, but not enough for the co-pilot

The community of Cúcuta is in mourning after the tragic news of the death of Diana Paola Soto Martínez, a 27-year-old girl who was running for the Cúcuta Council in the upcoming elections on October 29. Her life ended after a traffic accident that kept her in a tough battle for her life for two days at the Erasmo Meoz University Hospital.

The fateful incident occurred on the Pamplona-Cúcuta road, specifically at kilometer 90, near Villa Marina, around 8:00 a.m. on Thursday. Diana was traveling as a passenger in a Kia vehicle with plates HRP-907 with the driver Jhonatan Rodríguez Ortega, who also had political aspirations, looking for a seat in the Assembly; in the back seats of the car was the council candidate's father. Unfortunately, the car collided with a public service bus carrying 26 passengers, who fortunately were uninjured.

According to preliminary reports, the driver of the vehicle in which Diana was traveling, who is Jhonatan Rodríguez Ortega, had tried to overtake on a curve, violating the double continuous line regulations. This reckless act resulted in the collision with the bus, with devastating consequences for the woman because the car managed to sidestep enough to save the driver's life, but the entire fatal impact was received by Paola Soto. Traffic authorities continue to carry out investigations to clarify the exact causes of the accident.

Diana Paola Soto Martínez, in addition to her interest in politics, was a committed and kind psychologist. Her work focused on helping families in Cúcuta, especially focusing on the prevention of drug addiction among youth and the protection of children. She and Jhonatan Rodríguez Ortega shared membership in the Lazos de Amor Mariano congregation.

The young woman was also known in the merchant community, as from an early age she became involved in the family business. Her main political objective was to recover the social fabric of families in the region, carrying a pro-life message and providing support to those most in need.

"In her campaign trips, she always carried the message of God. This campaign was a calling of vocation, not something personal," said a close friend, remembering the dedication and passion with which Diana Paola Soto Martínez pursued her ideals in search of a better future for Cúcuta. The community deeply mourns her passing and pays tribute to her helpful and generous spirit.