John A. SalasPor: John A. Salas
World11 febrero 2024 16:30

Young man dies in a barbershop that operated in a garage

Police are investigating possible motivations, including the teenager's involvement with local gangs

In an unfortunate incident that occurred last Friday in the Gravatá neighborhood, Camaçari, shocking images of a murder in a barbershop were recorded.

James Gabriel Leão Conceição, a young man of only 16 years old, was the victim of an attack perpetrated by an armed man who entered the establishment and shot several times.

The images captured by the security camera reveal the moment in which the aggressor, already inside the barbershop, points his gun at the teenager, who tries to escape in vain and is hit, falling to the ground.

Shockingly, the killer, after unloading a magazine, proceeds to reload his pistol and fire more shots at the defenseless victim.

During the shooting, an elderly adult present at the scene was injured in the foot and was taken to the hospital for medical attention. The Homicide and Personal Protection Police (DHPP) has begun the investigation to determine the motivation and authorship behind this brutal crime.

Currently, various hypotheses are being considered, including the possibility that the deceased young man was involved in gang activities, which could suggest a settling of scores as a motive for the crime.