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Terminally ill man dies after jumping from medical building

The reason behind his tragic decision generates debate and the police intervene in the investigation

Nanning Medical University in Guangxi was involved in a tragic event on April 19, when a man decided to end his life by jumping from the fifth floor of the hospital.

The man, middle-aged and simply dressed, caused shock among those present by making this heartbreaking decision, despite attempts at persuasion by those present, including a doctor who tried to stop him.

Witnesses reported that the man, before jumping, threw a pink bag, which made people move out of the way, thus showing a gesture of consideration towards the passers-by on the ground.

However, nothing could stop him from the tragic fate of him. The impact of the jump was fatal, leaving the man with serious injuries that ultimately resulted in his death, despite the rescue efforts of hospital staff.

The reason behind this extreme act has sparked intense debate, with some sources suggesting that the man was diagnosed with a terminal illness, possibly cancer, and was facing financial difficulties in covering expensive medical treatments.

Others speculate that the man was battling an advanced illness and did not want to be a burden on his loved ones.

The hospital's response to this tragic event has generated criticism, with some Internet users expressing dissatisfaction with the staff's indifferent attitude.

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