John A. SalasPor: John A. Salas
Judicial13 abril 2024 02:25

Brave worker thwarts robbery attempt at commercial premises

The incident, captured by security cameras, sparks praise and debate about safety in the city

The bravery and determination of an employee of a grocery store in the Valle de Lili neighborhood, in Cali, Colombia, was recorded on security cameras on April 10, when he managed to thwart an armed robbery attempt.

The incident, which took place around 1:30 in the afternoon, shows the moment when two criminals enter the establishment asking about the price of some ice cream but with the intention of committing a robbery. Equipped with jackets and motorcycle helmets, they drew weapons to intimidate the worker and the customers present.

However, the employee's response was exemplary. In an act of bravery, he pulled out a gun that he had kept under the cash register and confronted the assailants. Struggling with one of them, he managed to take control of the gun and fire in his defense.

Although the video does not show injuries, the criminals fled the scene due to the determined reaction of the worker. No one was captured or injured in the confrontation. It was confirmed that the employee was carrying a blank weapon, which was enough to repel the threat.

The worker's heroic act has generated a wave of praise on social media, recognizing his bravery and determination to protect himself and clients. However, it has also fueled the debate about security in Cali, with criticism of the local Administration for the persistence of crime in the city.