Judicial02 noviembre 2023 15:08

Sicario ends the life of alias Tarzan in a neighborhood store

Walter Díaz González had a criminal record, authorities affirm that it is a settling of accounts

MALAMBO, COLOMBIA - A cold, calculated murder has shaken the town of Malambo, after security cameras captured the deadly encounter. Walter Díaz González, known by the alias 'Tarzan', was shot dead in the entrance of a local store, an act that investigators believe could be a settling of scores.

The incident took place on Wednesday night at the intersection of Calle 21 and Carrera 1C, in the Brisas del Río neighborhood. Shocking video images show an individual approaching three people who were outside the store.

With disturbing serenity, the attacker orders two of them to move away, and they obey by running. Then, he addresses Díaz González; After exchanging brief words, he fires a shot directly into the victim's face. While Díaz González falls to the ground, the murderer does not stop and shoots again, this time in the head, with a second bullet to guarantee the fatality of his action.

The perpetrator, who has not yet been identified, was seen fleeing the scene on a motorcycle. Díaz González was immediately rescued and taken to the Campbell Clinic in Malambo, where he was declared dead upon arrival.

Authorities have revealed that 'Tarzan' had a history of illegal activities, including court records for theft, illegal possession of weapons and drug trafficking. This information has led the Police to consider revenge or a settling of scores as the motivation behind the murder.

Malambo Police are appealing to the community for more information and are reviewing security camera footage to identify and locate the killer. The investigation is ongoing and authorities are determined to bring the person responsible to justice.