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Two people die in attack against Enilce López's son

Hitman attack in a clinic in northern Barranquilla leaves two dead. The target was La Gata's son. Details of the case.

Barranquilla, Colombia - On this Thursday morning, a hitman attack at the Mediclínica clinic, located on Carrera 47 and Calle 80 in Barranquilla, left two people dead. The attack targeted Jorge Luis Alfonso López, son of the deceased Enilce López, known as "La Gata."

At least 12 individuals, five of them dressed in Dijin uniforms, entered the clinic in three vehicles, posing as security agents.

Once on the fourth floor, they shot in the living room of the suite where Alfonso López was receiving medical treatment for diabetes and hypertension. During the attack, a personal bodyguard of the former mayor of Magangué and another unidentified person were murdered.

Jorge Luis Alfonso López managed to take refuge in the bathroom of the room and was unharmed. It should be noted that Alfonso López had house arrest revoked since last May 2 and had been sent to a prison center to continue serving his sentence for parapolitics.

In addition, Jorge Luis Alfonso López was recently appointed by President Gustavo Petro as peace manager.

Alias "La Gata"

Enilce del Rosario López Romero, alias "La Gata", mother of Jorge Luis Alfonso López, was an gambling businesswoman and criminal in Colombia.

In 2005, Gustavo Petro accused her of financing President Álvaro Uribe's 2002 campaign due to her alleged ties to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

Although the government initially denied the accusations, Uribe acknowledged the financial support during his re-election campaign in 2006.

Enilce López died on January 14, 2024 in a clinic in Barranquilla due to multisystem failure due to three advanced cancers.

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