Judicial14 diciembre 2023 23:24

Junior de Barranquilla fan records his own death after celebration

The young man was broadcasting live with his cell phone from the top of the truck and in a sudden turn he falls from the vehicle, dying instantly

The joy of Junior de Barranquilla's tenth league title was marred by the tragic death of a fan during the celebrations in the city. Nicolás Ferrer Morales, a 26-year-old young man, lost his life after falling from the top of a truck in which he was celebrating his team's victory against Independiente Medellín.

On December 13, despite the defeat in the second leg of the final, Junior became champion in the penalty shootout, marking a milestone in its history. However, the overflowing celebrations led to clashes and disruptions to public order in Barranquilla.

Nicolás Ferrer Morales, an enthusiastic fan of the Tiburón club, was with other fans in a truck that was part of a caravan of vehicles celebrating the title. Tragically, during a broadcast on his social networks, Ferrer Morales fell from the truck, and the fatal moment was recorded on video.

The event occurred on 19th Street and 6B Avenue, in the Simón Bolívar neighborhood. The young man lost his life when he was hit by the same truck. Despite the tragedy, some of the fans continued the celebration, covering the body of Nicolás Ferrer Morales with a club flag while they waited for the arrival of the authorities.

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police is carrying out an investigation into the incident, and the body was removed around 11:15 p.m. Despite the sadness, the festivities in the city continued until the early hours of December 14.