Judicial21 febrero 2024 01:20

Accounting graduate dies tragically at the Universidad del Atlántico

UniAtlántico suspended classes and evacuated all students

In an unfortunate incident that occurred on Tuesday, February 20 at the Universidad del Atlántico, north campus, the young Adamaris Verdugo Almagro lost her life after falling from the fourth floor of block D. The news has shocked the student community and the University as a whole. .

Adamaris Verdugo, whose age is still unknown, graduated in Accounting from the Faculty of Economics at UniAtlántico. The Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) carried out the removal of the body at the headquarters of the alma mater, located in Puerto Colombia.

The tragic event led the Universidad del Atlántico to take immediate measures, suspending classes this Tuesday and evacuating students.

The authorities are carrying out the corresponding investigations to clarify the circumstances of the fall and determine if it is a new case of suicide.