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Murder of a young man while receiving a package

The Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla manages to capture two suspects involved in the crime

A security camera captured the tragic moment when Diucer Barraza, a young resident of Las Américas in Barranquilla, Colombia, was the victim of a violent murder in broad daylight. The fateful event occurred on Tuesday, March 12, at the intersection of 53rd Street and 3A Race.

The video shows Diucer getting out of a taxi and approaching another man, who apparently hands him a package. However, in a shocking turn of events, this individual pulls out a firearm and shoots at point-blank range at Diucer, who tries to flee but falls in front of the vehicle that transported him to the location. The attacker continues shooting while the young man lies helpless on the ground.

After the brutal attack, the murderer fled on a motorcycle, which was driven by another accomplice. However, thanks to the rapid response of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, two suspects involved in the crime were captured.

Colonel Figueroa de la Mebar declared: "We managed to capture two individuals who had allegedly killed a man with a firearm in this sector, thanks to information from the community.

Likewise, the information that came through the emergency line allowed us, through the padlock plan, to locate them." The detainees were identified as Esneyder Rafael Calderón Márquez, 26 years old, and Didier Javier Cortez Ruíz, 20 years old, from whom a motorcycle and a 38 caliber revolver were seized.

Although no details were provided about the motives for the crime, it is suspected that it may be related to settling scores between gangs and the fight for control of drug trafficking in the area.

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