Judicial18 diciembre 2023 01:38

A young guajiro lender is murdered in Barranquilla during a domino game

So far there are no arrests in the case despite there being evidence recorded on security cameras

On a tragic night in the Los Girasoles neighborhood of Barranquilla, Kevin Jassir Gutiérrez Soracá, a young 23-year-old lender, lost his life in a violent attack perpetrated by a hitman while he was enjoying a game of dominoes and sharing with friends in the commercial establishment. 'Where Leo'.

The fatal incident took place around 1 a.m. on Sunday, November 17. A hitman entered the premises and, without saying a word, opened fire on Gutiérrez, leaving him seriously injured at the scene.

Despite the efforts of his acquaintances to provide care, unfortunately, the young lender lost his life in the same place.

Originally from La Guajira, Kevin Jassir Gutiérrez Soracá was dedicated to lending money on the routes of the municipality of Sabanalarga and in Cartagena.

Authorities are investigating whether his murder could be linked to his work as a loan shark. So far, there have been no arrests related to the case, and the search for those responsible has been unsuccessful.